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Citizenship right

Citizenship is the legal relationship of an individual with a particular state. A person with citizenship is called a citizen . This connection is reflected in the rights and duties of the citizen in relation to the State concerned and in his or her protection by that State. According to Article 21 of the Constitution of Uzbekistan the whole Uzbekistan will establish a single citizenship (a citizen of Karakalpakstan is also a citizen of Uzbekistan).

Citizenship & nbsp; – a person’s permanent political and legal relationship with a particular state; This relationship is reflected in the mutual rights and obligations of the individual and the state. Once a person has F., the state recognizes all his rights and freedoms and takes measures to ensure their implementation. The state protects and sponsors the interests of citizens while they are in other countries. Citizens, in turn, abide by the laws and regulations of the state and fulfill their obligations. This set of rights and obligations constitutes the political and legal status of a citizen, which distinguishes between foreign citizens and stateless persons. F. is generally accepted in 2 ways; on the basis of proof of birth (“filiation”) and the path of naturalization bn. There are two rules for admission to F. on the basis of birth: “blood law” and “land law”. The so-called “right to blood” rule recognizes a person born as a citizen of that country as a citizen (in some countries it is sufficient for one of the parents to have the appropriate F.). It does not matter in which country the person was born. The rule of “land law” states that a person, regardless of his or her nationality, is a citizen if he or she was born in the territory of that state. Acceptance of F. by naturalization is related to the request of a person residing in the country to obtain F..

The legal status of F. in Uzbekistan is specified in Chapter 6 of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan and in the Law “On Citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan” (July 2, 1992). There is a single F. in the whole territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan. Citizenship of the Republic of Uzbekistan is equal for all, regardless of the grounds on which it is obtained. A citizen of the Republic of Karakalpakstan is currently a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan. The grounds and procedure for the acquisition and loss of F. shall be determined by law.

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