"Если вы не пользуетесь своими правами, то вашими правами будут пользоваться другой"


A lawyer (Latin advocatus, advocare) is a person who provides legal assistance. Participates in criminal inquiries, investigative actions and court hearings, civil cases in courts, economic disputes in economic courts or cases on administrative offenses by a judge or competent authorities (officials), has the powers established by law. The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Advocacy” (December 27, 1996) stipulates that a citizen of the Republic of Uzbekistan with a higher legal education and a license to practice law may be an A. in the Republic of Uzbekistan. The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Social Protection of Advocates and Lawyers” (December 25, 1998). and ensuring its protection, A.’s social protection measures, and so on. A. In order to provide legal assistance to individuals and legal entities: provides advice and clarifications on legal issues, oral and written information on the legislation; prepares legal applications, complaints and other documents; Represents in court, other state bodies, individuals and legal entities in civil and administrative cases; defense counsel in criminal inquiries, pre-trial investigations and trials; the victim, the civil plaintiff, the representative of the civil defendant; if the interests of the legal representative do not coincide with the interests of the suspect, accused, defendant or victim, he / she shall act as a lawyer with a decision or ruling to represent the suspect, accused, defendant or victim (Article 5 of the Law). and Articles 49, 55, 59, .60, and 62 of the Code of Criminal Procedure of the Republic of Uzbekistan (CPC). A. has no right to disclose information he has learned in connection with the performance of his duties in a criminal case (Article 53, Part 3 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Republic of Uzbekistan). The Law on Advocacy stipulates that “a lawyer may not be questioned as a witness on the basis of details obtained in the course of his defense or representation duties” (Article 10, Part 2). legal services for business and economic disputes, as well as other types of legal assistance not prohibited by law. In carrying out his professional activity, he has the following rights: to represent their interests and protect their rights in accordance with the instructions of individuals and legal entities in all bodies, enterprises, institutions and organizations authorized to address relevant issues; to collect information on facts that can be used as evidence in the courts, as well as in the bodies considering cases on administrative offenses; request and receive the necessary certificates, descriptions and other documents from government agencies and public associations in connection with the provision of legal assistance; to distribute the collected materials to the court and other state bodies authorized by him or acting under his protection; to submit petitions and complaints to officials and to receive a written answer from them; perform other actions provided by the legislation. A., who is assigned to participate in the criminal proceedings, has no right to refuse to provide legal assistance to a citizen on the grounds of insolvency. A. cannot even stand in the civil service. Article 9 of the law stipulates that he must keep A.’s secret. A. is not allowed to be influenced in any way in the performance of his / her professional duties. The investigative body, the investigator, the prosecutor may not file a petition, and the court may not issue a private ruling. provides legal assistance to individuals and legal entities through a legal entity called a bar (see Bar). The Law of the Republic of Uzbekistan “On Bar” provides that a lawyer may be an assistant.

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