"Если вы не пользуетесь своими правами, то вашими правами будут пользоваться другой"

Intellectual property rights

The right to the result of intellectual activity. The owner of the property has the absolute legal right to use these intellectual property objects in any form and in any way. The use of intellectual property owned by the right holder on the basis of exclusive rights is allowed only with the consent of the right holder (FC of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Article 1034). The exclusive right to certain objects (invention, industrial design, utility model, trademark, company name, etc.) arises and is legally protected on the basis of a special document issued by the competent authority of the state – a patent, certificate.

Intellectual property objects differ from other objects of civil law – objects, securities in the following features: a) in many cases they appear not in material form, but in the form of ideas, knowledge, information; b) an object of intellectual property in the form of an idea or knowledge cannot be owned in the same way as an ordinary material object; (c) Individuals may use such facilities indefinitely at the same time; g) the rule of indefinite ownership (FC, Article 164) does not apply to intellectual property rights, so in most cases (with the exception of know-how) the validity of intellectual property rights is limited by the terms established by law; (d) Upon the expiration of the statutory period, the rights of the owner of the intellectual property right to a particular object of intellectual property shall be revoked and it shall become a universal property and everyone shall have the right to use it free and without permission under certain conditions (subject to copyright); e) in the protection of intellectual property rights does not apply to the claim of vindication (FC, Article 228); g) the rules of exclusive rights, not ordinary property, apply to the objects of intellectual property rights; j) the exercise of intellectual property rights is currently limited to a specific territory. Thus, a patent for an invention issued by the Patent Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan shall be valid only in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan, as well as in areas designated by international conventions to which the Republic of Uzbekistan is a party and bilateral agreements between it and foreign countries; h) There are personal rights to the authors of many intellectual property objects, and users of these objects must comply with these rights.

Intellectual property is a product of activities, legal regime, etc. Depending on their characteristics, they are divided into the following types: a) the results of intellectual activity: works of science, literature, art; performances, phonograms and broadcasts of broadcasting organizations; computer programs and databases; inventions, utility models, industrial designs; selection achievements; consists of undisclosed information, including production secrets (know-how); b) means reflecting the special features of the participants of civil transactions, goods, works and services (firm names; trademarks (service) marks; name of the place of origin of goods; c) in the FC, etc. other results of intellectual activity and other means reflecting the specific features of the participants of civil proceedings, goods and services in cases provided by law (Article 1031 FC). The new names and symbols of new products, firms, goods, works and services are also mentioned in the FC (Section 4) and so on. The laws on intellectual property apply. O’zME . The first volume. Tashkent, 2000

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